Jennifer Fendley Salter – Milton, Florida

Jennifer Fendley Salter of Milton FL is known for going after other woman’s husband’s. Yes, she is still married and splits her time between husband and her boyfriend. She waits for the wife’s to go out of town and in my case when I was in the hospital. This was when she went after my husband. Just a few months ago my husband informed of this. I was disgusted, she knew we were married and had not only a husband and a boyfriend yet she still continues her trashy ways. The last woman she did this to was out of town caring for her mother. Jennifer knew that & knows how this trauma can negatively affect a marriage and she slept with this man in his marital bed.

Her abuse extends not only to women but Children. She lost her infant daughter & her son suffers from fetal alcohol syndrome. Yes it gets worse she gave and consumed drugs, alcohol, & cigarettes to her cheating lover/boyfriend’s 14 year old daughter only to attack his wife with lies. Beware of this woman she preys on the vulnerable then acts like the martyr!

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  1. This woman is deranged and should be locked away from society to avoid other families or children any further damage people like this need to be put away forever

    1. This is all lies – reported by this woman’s stalker- cyberbully and only out here to ruin her life. All has been proven in court that she never has abused children, her precious son doesn’t have fetal alcohol syndrome- and her daughter passed tragically in a hospital. There are records and proof of everything, and if this woman did any of these horrible things, she would already be in jail- she is a wonderful mother, and person and would lay down her life for anyone in need. This is a hoax and unfounded claims and accusations, before people publish opinions, or deliberate defamatory and libel to create torture for innnocent people, they need to check their facts.
      As all has been proven as lies that were posted in a court of law, and a life long injunction for cyberterrorism, cyberstalking, and stalking is held by mrs salter, her family, her children, against the monster that posted this here.

      1. Oh wait you don’t want that child either the child she destroyed by her addiction at least your daughter was save the pain because she died says:

        Actually Matt you testimony proved Jennifer is a psychopath and a child abuse Barb thanks you her nonsense needs to stop
        You need to protect the child she didn’t kill from this known abuser
        Or do you not care how your son is being Abused by your ex-wife and hier new lover
        Oh wait you don’t want that child either the child she destroyed by her addiction at least your daughter was save the pain because she died

      2. Really you approved of wife sleeping with a married man to get out of payment of alimony
        Good the home wrecker you married doesn’t deserve it especially after she was disappointed because you weren’t a MD just a PA
        Btw You were accused of cheating by your whore wife

      3. Really what proof of lies she didn’t kill her daughter Kayleigh or kill her sons future Caden by her addiction please provide proof one is sad second is questionable but her abuse against lovers child is documented by DCF she can’t be near his child can you offer explanation

      4. Really no proof provided
        You are a pathetic pawn just a PA is what your wife called you she thought you were substandard I saw it she was married to Yiuy and discredited you as just a PA
        Karma is a bitch she caught a failed MD ironic. He wasn’t failed until he left his wife and married your wife

  2. This woman used her position to go after another womans husband Again once my fried was admitted Jennifer made sexual advances to my very sick friends husband she has been reported to and lost her job She is living with another man she had mental problems this is a sick woman

  3. Msalter you want proof an infant of Jennifer is dead son completely and permanently damaged because of her addictions yet claim that is a good mother you have very low parenting standards best guess you are related to this tramp so you feel obligated to defend her you probably shouldn’t

    1. Jennifer you baby killing bitch let’s ask Haleigh about you your daughter whom you killed I’ll wait let’s ask Kayden he’s nonverbal because of your addictions you want to attack other people show who you are a baby killer a child abuser you can’t even be in the same room with the first child because you abused her I’ll wait for your response your baby killing skank

  4. What is awful desperate woman can’t find her own man and takes anyones left over is truly desperate must be a trait for her since she looks chewed up and spit out

    1. Jennifer can’t be alone with lovers child just so you know it’s a report from DCF she is a child abusing home wrecking pig she has no use in decent society much less being a social worker she knows the inns and outs to destroy people that’s all she’s good for destruction

  5. I would like to personally apologize for being apart of all the lies which have led to the creation of these posts. Jennifer doesnt deserve the pain these horrible posts cause and I know my apology is late but it needs to be said. I cant changethe actions and hurtful decisions ive made but I can apologize for them and grow and learn from them to ensure I dont make the same mistakes again. Everyone deserves to know the truth about jennifer and not the lies from the author of these posts of a woman who barley knows Jennifer. Jennifer will do anything to protect and care for her loved ones and would never do anything to put harm in her children’s way, everyday she continues to be strong for everyone despite the constant pain in her heart. She has such a pure soul that deserves nothing but love and happiness. I have lied in court against jennifer and have regretted it everyday since, at the time I didnt realize how much my actions can impact another person but I know now that my actions have consequences and can bring the happiest person to the darkest place. I’m so sorry for the times I gave my mother false information about you just to get out of the house or to not get sent to New York or for whatever the reason was at the time. I hold so much guilt in my heart for everything you go through daily Jennifer and I’m so so sorry for everything I have done to you. I hope everyday you can see how much I love you and am trying to make up for my mistakes. – Krisztina Erdos

    1. Grow up Hen impersonation and humiliation isIn your repertoire no one believes you baby killing child abusing skank

  6. Such a ultimate cheater is created law suit against the wife for defamation of character because Jennifer was shown to be the ultimate hoe
    Sorry nasty skanks like Jennifer defame theirselves when they sleep with a married man and know it
    Just sick since you obviously abuse children
    Total defamed her own character
    Jennifer is a stain to decent people yet still crying victim

  7. This cheating woman mistress child abuse there cannot be around her lovers child her daughter is dead her son disabled you decide who she really is it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to determine she is the ultimate abuser of women and children including her own

  8. You sick nasty home wrecker can’t be around her lovers child because of abuse
    History of Jennifer Fendley Salter infant daughter dead son impaired to the point he can’t verbally communicate then has the nerve to blame others
    You sick witch what would you have done to that beautiful child if her mother successfully committed suicide because of you
    Grated she didn’t or you would have more blood on your hands besides your own daughters blood you are the biggest abuser and cheater in the end ypu will pat

    1. You are a mistress became a mistress
      You will always be a baby killing child abusing pig
      Total home wrecker
      That is you mistress abuser

    2. Go away stop abuse of men woman and children
      Including your own kids
      How do you explain Jennifer how your son would be normal and daughter would be alive if you didn’t abuse them
      Stop fake fictimhood.
      Stop blaming others
      You Alone Jennifer caused impairment
      Can Caden read
      He deserves truth
      Not your lies

  9. She killed daughter son totally nonverbal and impaired because mommy Jennifer Fendley Salter was an addict and ccc adulterous then unleashed her hate on her lovers child he is guilty of contempt once and a month later is faced with contempt charges again
    Jennifer Fendley Salter is the path to hell

  10. Your lying and cheating has been exposed
    You are a abuser to children and woman and even men
    You destroy anything beautiful
    You need redemption you’re a low life and suck the life and happiness out of anyone that knows you
    Killed a child because you and your addiction needs cane before your own children
    One is dead the other can’t speak because you were your priority not your babies
    Hell is to good for you

    1. What a sick district I’ve woman going after a man when she was married then acts like a victim when caught sick considering she was also a married woman
      Both her children suffered one died the other permanently disabled because of mommy had a habit
      May you get what you gave you demented woman

  11. Jennifer has been a sick woman cheated on husband multiple times to social climb now engaged to a man she committed adultery with forced to abandon only child because she abused that child
    Her first child died second child special needs because Jennifer and her needs come first
    Her behavior is proof look at kids and woman she destroyed

  12. You pathetic home wrecking child abuser your just a sick pig
    Killed one kid permanently disabled another WHATS wrong wit you even tried to damage lovers child you nasty skank
    May you live 1000 years to receive the pain you inflicted on others
    Even that won’t be long enough

  13. Die you cheater child abuser
    You have 2 kids one dead other one nonverbal mentally dead
    Killed by Jennifer Febdley Salter
    Baby killer
    Child abuser

  14. Hope your kid can read this because he deserves to know he would have a sister and would have been normal and healthy if you his mother didn’t abuse drugs and alcohol
    His dad wouldn’t have left but mommy had addictions and wanted to social climb
    Jennifer is a child abusing social climber
    You got a MD and because of you he is a failure you won gave dead daughter and disabled son…he can’t even talk
    Yet you continue to cry victim yet you hurt others so deeply
    Wtf is wrong with you
    You’re busted exposed as a cheater child abuser
    Jennifer you’re a sick woman and epic baby killer

  15. You may be with a MD you will always be known of cheating home wrecking hoe
    In Pensacola everyone knows you banged multiple doctors and finally found mentally disturbed one
    But won’t be able to tolerate you or tgat kid you have you know the damaged one Because of you who wants a life long burden an a substandard pig like you
    Hope you’re having a decent live life
    You once confided ge can’t get it up for you
    Try a bag over your head but you will still can’t get over what a pig you look like
    Sorry it’s true it hurts especially when everyone knows you’re a social climbing hone wrecking pig
    Full of disease and nothing to offer but abused children like Kayleigh and Caden

  16. Jennifer has married her lover she has Cost that man to be a failed physician you get what you deserve Jen your result is a dead daughter totally impaired son and injunction against being with your love his child for life you are a child abuser of the highest order the scum on every street may you live a long life to bear she abuses of the sun you created with all his impairments because of your abuse

    1. Baby killer and child abuser lured a man with fake victim hood you caused pain and Destruction wherever you go you will be resented by her now husband for giving up his precious child for you and sheep baby killing child abuser Carmas a bitch and so are you you will die alone with no one to mourn you not even the son you impaired

    2. This is a unemployed mistress because she went as far as to target married men with sick wives to social climb
      She is married to one of those men still sleeping around for the next best thing even with disabled son in home she dies this a deranged one she is
      Sick considering her sons disability and daughters death are the result of Jennifer and her addiction

    3. You are a baby killer of own daughter son so severely impaired he can’t talk you can’t be around cheating lovers child
      You claim to be a descent Christian woman that kills babies and abuses children and destroys families including your own you will receive judgment if not her but in the future hellfire awaits you Jennifer

  17. You lie so much you can’t keep track thanks to law suit against a innocent woman you will be exposed by your own words
    Liars like you can’t keep track of all the lies you told and it’s about to kick your lying cheating a$$
    Kill another kid or damage it that’s all you’re successful at

  18. Jennifer is a child abusing baby killer can not be in same room with her lover/husband’s child
    A mistress to mrs still a baby killer and home wrecker just a sick baby killer

  19. Jennifer FENDLEY now marred her cheating lover is it love or mutual hate for his wife an innocent woman who exposed affair they were both married and caught not a married because of love but mutual hate for his wife that exposed affair of failed MD and his baby killing mistress

  20. Jennifer Keeps a father away frim his only child to promote the kid she disabled
    Mistress to Mrs you will always be known as a whore

  21. Stop going after other married men aren’t you married AGAIN
    YOU are a social climber still whoring for the next best thing you aren’t a cheerleader anymore just a washed up baby killer and child abuser
    I googled you and you’re pathetic and according to others a dead lay time isn’t on your side you picked a failure as a MD and destroyed your family and another
    You still are a substandard backwoods wh0re
    You earned your title
    May Kayleigh and Caden never see you as you will life in damnation

  22. This home wrecking pig has now officially filed a lawsuit against the ex-wife for defamation of character because she expose this home wrecking pig make Jennifer Finley Salter accountable for her own actions including the death of her daughter is a multiple Impairments of her nonverbal non-functioning son cost by Jennifers abuses

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