(Update) Darren Ambler- Cherry Hill:-NJ: Prostitute- Sex Pervert- Drug Addict- Narcissist-STD Carrier- Dangerous:

Darren Ambler is a Notorious Playboy- Dork- Homely -Insecure- Drug Addict- Sex Addict as well as Prostitute. Darren Ambler is also an STD Carrier that has infected at least Five (5) possibly more with chlamydia. One Female no matter what Treatment her Physician initiated she can not seem to get rid of the Infection. Darren Ambler is full of Infection, Disease, Puss and Rotted Internal organs. Much of his condition is due to Evil and Hatred oozing out of his Pores and his Filthy Vulgar Mouth. Darren Ambler lives at 12 Westbury Drive in Cherry Hill- New Jersey. The Male Prostitute and Drug addict works at Express Scripts in Florence TWP NJ. Darren Ambler is a big ZERO with nothing to offer but Trouble and TOXIC – FLAMMABLE Breath. BEWARE- Stay away from this evil piece of vial GARBAGE: Darren is bad and EVIL inside and out: No one respects or likes Darren Ambler and they now know what the scum bag is all about . Darren Scott Ambler has been Exposed BIG TIME!!!!
Darren Ambler began his life of Screwing- Illicit Sex- Oral Sex and Pornography in 2015-2016. Darren solicitated many of us on line through Dating and Sex Based web-sites. Darren may also have another problem with “Internet Obsession”. He is a sick demented person with not an ounce of class- Morality- Scruples- Conscience or Care about anyone but his UGLY- Stinky self. Darren would back-stab anyone who speaks out against his bad behavior or simply tells the dork he is wrong. In Darren Ambler’s demented mind- he is always Right and screw everyone else. He lives in his own sick world of Fantasy and Denial. Darren Ambler being such an un-attractive UGLY dork with a gross body and no Personality- probably NEVER has a girlfriend his whole youth. That Horrible Toxic breath did not help matters either. Darren Ambler tried desperately to prove his manhood through abusive Sex and Pornography. Darren failed miserably proving his manhood. He proved he is an Immoral Scum bag who Stinks in bed and has NOTHING to offer but his Unattractive ugly self – his non existent personality and that TOXIC Poisonous Breath.
After engaging in numerous Sexual relationships with Prostitutes, one night stands, married women, divorced women, seniors etc- He decided to take an interest in Megan bentzley and her alleged “Meet up Group” in Phila PA. Megan Bentzley really ran an organization involved with Pornography, Bondage and Prostitution. This excited Darren Ambler because he is a Sex and Drug addict with no Moral fiber or Conception of right and wrong. Darren quickly seduced Megan Bentzley into a Vulgar Sexual Relationship which involved Sex- Oral Sex- Bondage- Drugs- Rape- Sexual abuse and Prostitution.
Deranged “Darren Ambler learned Bondage- Advanced Oral Sex- Threesomes- Group Sex- Sex with men and performing in front of a video while with Megan Bentzley. Darren Ambler also serviced many female clients where money was exchanged for SEX. Darren was in SEX Heaven and enjoyed his new and Immoral Lifestyle. Darren wants it both ways. He wants to abuse women- screw- take drugs etc. But when he is exposed to the world for his Bad behavior he cries like a little baby: Too bad- You PLAY you pay baby!!!
Darren Ambler and Megan Bentzley eventually ended their Sexual union. They parted on Bad terms which is a common occurrence with Darren Ambler. Darren Ambler is not well liked and he has been EXPOSED to the world for being the slime scum bag Prostitute infected with STD’s to the world. After multiple Sex relationships Darren Ambler began spreading his filthy STD’s to several sex partners and now these ladies want Justice. Darren Amble has been described as an “PIG on wheels” and a “Busted Balloon” in the bedroom. A former Lover- Angela Parsons laughs uncontrollably when recalling how bad Darren performed in bed. Plus- she makes reference to Darren Ambler’s Undersized male organ and his immature behavior. Darren needs a wee wee transplant and Extensive Plastic surgery on his UGLY face and Underdeveloped 140 pound scrawny body. Darren Ambler many times Drugged his sexual partners before a Sexual session which again is another crime.
Darren Ambler is no good- plain evil and a menace to society. He has no common sense and everything he talks about or thinks about is all Convoluted crazy logic. He is an recluse and insecure Sexual Maniac with Manic episodes. Darren Ambler is a Scum and TRUE mental case. Possibly brain damage from years of drug abuse. Darren is a Pathological LIAR and can not be TRUSTED in any way -shape or form. An ugly controlling REJECT who looks like an ape with glasses. On a scale from 1-10 Darren rates about a minus -75. Pretty BAD- Gross. This scum has lied- screwed- performed vulgar sex acts on females and males. He is even guilty of Rape and Drugging women so he could abuse their bodies even more. A sick immoral ugly PIG.
Police and an Attorney is involved to make certain JUSTICE is served. Darren Ambler’s Psycho behavior and Lies will not work in court. A Judge will also certainly remove Darren’s kids from his Custody which is best for the children. An Immoral- Liar- Drug and Sex addict can not properly look after children. Darren may be molesting his own kids who really knows?
Families of Darren Ambler’s sexual victims are infuriated and they may be present in court at the trial. Ugly “Four eyes” better be ready to face his accusers in court. Darren blames his mishaps on everyone but himself. This geek attempted to bash and blame Poor Megan Bentzley for his sexual indiscretions and the fact that he was EXPOSED. Darren Ambler is a Liar and Coward. Darren was NEVER Defamed. Darren Ambler defamed himself with his sexually inappropriate lifestyle- so he can blame HIMSELF and grow up. Darren Ambler is the biggest FOOL that ever lived- an UGLY FOOL I might add. Let him file a slander suit- he would be laughed right out of the court room right into a JAIL Cell. Darren will be spending his 41st Birthday behind bars in his striped jammies. Darren goes both ways – he can screw the guards while serving his time.
Darren Ambler is irresponsible and belongs locked up away from decent society. The world would be a safer and happier place with Darren Ambler off the streets in Jail. he has treated women like objects and he is quite abusive. Darren Ambler may be UGLY – may have NO personality and may have a terrible body and Toxic breath, but that does not give this Ugly creep a right to abuse- Rape- Drug and Bash females.
Megan Bentzley never Slandered – Darren Ambler. Megan Bentzley is a troubled girl – a Drug Addict, a Prostitute with a history of Mental problems just like Darren Scott Ambler. Darren used and abused Miss Bentzley also. Darren Ambler may have serious Brain damage from drug abuse and too much SEX. Darren’s body is ravaged with Infection- Evil- Puss- Rotted out Internal organs and wickedness. GOD punishes the wicked and sexual sinners like Darren Scott Ambler.
Darren Ambler will be faced with many charges in court namely:

Participating in an Organization that practices- promotes- endorses Prostitution and Pornography: CRIMINAL ACT:

Infecting sexual partners with STD’s due to careless sex practices: (CRIMINAL ACT): (PROOF):

Sexual Exploitation- Engaging in sexual behavior with multiple partners where money and or gifts exchanged for services rendered – CRIME in NJ and PA:

Darren Ambler must serve his time and take his punishment like a MAN. His wee wee Transplant and plastic surgery will have to wait until he is released from Jail. Darren must be punished for his bad behaviors and Illegal activities. Moral boundaries do not exist in Deranged Darren Ambler’s world.

Another Terrific web-site which additional and updated information can be found about Darren Ambler…..aka….Darren Scott Ambler:


2 thoughts on “(Update) Darren Ambler- Cherry Hill:-NJ: Prostitute- Sex Pervert- Drug Addict- Narcissist-STD Carrier- Dangerous:”

  1. Apparently this guy has no reality in his life. I am sure some stiff time behind bars may penetrate his obviously damaged brain and he will realize bad actions have consequences weather you are an sex addict, drug abuser or even prostitute. He doesn’t care about whom he hurt or scarred for life. Just so he gets what he wants and gets away with whatever he already did. I totally disagree. He needs to be severely punished and put in his place like yesterday.

  2. Forget about his reality. This person is lethal. Any person who gets kicks out of abusing women through sex and whatever else he does is worse than just sick. Then the arrogance and no remorse he seems to demonstrate. I would like to bash this guys gross face inside out. Scary to know people like him are wandering around out there just waiting for their next victim.

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